Monday, May 25, 2009

more and more

ear healed
A 12 year-old boy who had skin growing abnormally behind his ear drum and was in pain experienced the power of Jesus today... As we laid hands on him and prayed, Jen put her hand on his ear. Her hand felt very warm and tingly. When we finished praying we asked him how he felt. He said that while we were praying he felt a fresh wind blow through his ear and that he had no more pain!

arm healed
A grandmother had so much pain she could not move her arm and was having great difficulty with her work. The team laid hands on him and prayed in Jesus' name - and bam! She can move her arm now pain-free!!

the word is out
Now, everywhere we go in the township, people are telling stories about how people are getting healed. "Come pray for my neighbor!" "Come pray for my sister!" "Does Jesus heal HIV?" This is the reaction we're getting everywhere... We no longer have to find people to pray for, but instead they are taking us to the sick!

hungry people
Hungry for Jesus that is! Young and old, we are continually meeting folks who are hungry for the Word of God and are super curious to know more about Jesus. We're being bold with the gospel - calling out sin, teaching truth, and explanining the ways of Jesus everywhere we go.

we've had to come agaist the enemy in the name of Jesus. please pray with us against illness. over half the team has been battling sickness, nightmares, and terror in the night. Amanda and Lindsay both have had fevers and most of the rest of the team has serious colds etc. Thankfully, God is made strong in our weakness!!


  1. I am so happy and proud of you all - You are seeing the Kingdom of God at hand! May His compassion continue to nurture and guide you!!

    Liz Flowers

  2. Man, I'm crying reading these glimpses... This is the stuff life in God is truly made of - the place plot really comes alive. Love you each and all. Proud of you.